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  • IPKC is known as Infrastructure Partnership and Knowledge Centre
  • Established on October 28th 2012 based on the Deed of Establishment Number 23 made before Notary Yendra Wiharja, SH, MH
Bendungan Brubus PLTA Musi


A non-profit organization which activities involve formulating opinions and ideas to develop the infrastructure in Indonesia, at the national as well as international level toward a self-reliance industry characterized by the motto: “coordination for implementation.

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  1. IPKC membership covers all elements including individuals, associations, companies, cooperatives, and academics, national as well as international, which are directly associated with infrastructure sector activities in Indonesia.
  2. IPKC strongly encourages every stakeholder in infrastructure to be a member and actively participate in the series of communication and coordination to achieve the common goals of IPKC.


  1. To obtain inputs in the form of public and industry opinions and views in their efforts to develop a broad base and an integrated general plan for infrastructure provision.
  2. To constitute the right partners for the Government to provide inputs and views with broad perspective and quality covering technical, business, and regulatory aspects in line with the wide coverage of IPKC membership.


  1. The positions or views, advocacies and opinions of each member as a player in the Indonesian infrastructure sector can be channeled and have a chance to be heard by the policy makers as stipulated by the relevant laws and regulations.
  2. The network of information among members for exchanging knowledge and experiences.
  3. Members could expand their intellectual capitals in technology, business, human relations, and personal development in a more focused and cost effective manner.
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  1. Enhancing the roles of all potencies in the public utility potentials in an optimum and professional manner
  2. Creating synergy among the national public utility potentials in a dynamic, adaptive, and ethical manner to support the climate of transparent, rational, and efficient competition so that public consumers will get the value of public-utility provision at affordable prices.
  3. Supporting the implementation of the Government of Indonesia’s public-utilitysector restructuring policy
  4. Providing inputs to the Government of Indonesia in compliance with the stipulation in laws related to public utility in the form of regulatory advocacies, public opinions, communications, and proactive participations in the development and restructuring of infrastructure sectors toward a sustainable and self-reliance industry

Vision :

To be recognized as an effective organization for bolstering togetherness in creating efficient, reliable, and transparent Indonesian public-utility forum that will support the people’s welfare through synergy and effective use of national resources to its utmost potential.

Mission :

  1. To build a forum of coordination, communication, and consultation that bolsters the synergy and togetherness in enhancing the efficiency of environmentallyfriendly national public utilities in facing the era of integrated and competitive global market.
  2. To take proactive roles in creating a transparent and conducive business climate for developing all aspects of public utilities in the process of sustainable national development


  1. To provide inputs to the Government of Indonesia in preparing for the framework of the Indonesian public-utility system development
  2. To build the effectiveness of and the synergy among the national public-utility potentials for the purpose of developing public-utility system
  3. To build an international network to develop the national resources through cooperation, alliance, as well as technology transfer in the framework of enhancing the national publicutility system in anticipation of the globaleconomic era


  1. Infirmity of Institutions related to PPP Projects;
  2. Infirmity of the Laws and Regulations (Legal Standard);
  3. Infirmity of the Laws and Regulations on Foreign Capital Ownership;
  4. Risk Allocation (Risk Sharing);
  5. Fiscal Incentives


  1. Prof. Ir. Suyono Dikun, M.Sc., Ph.D.
  2. Prof. Dr. Ir. Tresna P. Soemardi
  3. Prof. Dr. Rizal Tamin
  4. Ir. Harun Al-Rasyid Lubis, M.Sc., Ph.D.
  5. Ir. Tamba Parulian Hutapea, MCP
  6. Dr. Ir. Elly Rasdiani Sudibjo, M.Sc.
  7. Iming Maknawan Tesalonika, S.H., M.M., MCL
  8. Drs. Karnaen Anwar Perwataatmadja, MPA
  9. Almarsyah Djardjis Betha, M. D. Eng.
  10. Dr. Ir. Aries Feizal Firman
  11. Ir. Windhu Hidranto Sudjono, MPA
  12. Masjraul Hidayat
  13. Endi Roswendi
  14. Ir. Samuel Sibarani, IPM, M.M.
  15. Ir. Agita Widjajanto
  16. Alfonsus Haryo Damardono, S.H.
  17. Jusuf Arbi, S.E., M.Sc.
  18. Ir. Samsul Hadi


Prof. Ir. SUYONO DIKUN, M.Sc., Ph.D.

He is a trained civil engineer, graduated from the University of Indonesia, Jakarta and from Post Graduate Course in Highway and Traffic Engineering at Bandung Institute of Technology, Bandung. In 1982 he continued his study in the USA and finished his Master’s degree in Transportation Engineering in 1984 from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA. He then pursued a doctoral degree in the same university and got his Ph.D. in Transportation System Planning in 1988. He has more than 30 years professional experience. He started his career initially as a lecturer at the University of Indonesia and since 1993 engaged in infrastructure and regional development policy and planning for the National Development Planning Board (Bappenas).

He took a significant part on the making of the Sixth Five Year Development Planning (Repelita VI) in the areas of science and technology, human resources, transport, telecommunication, water resources, and regional development strategy. During his subsequent assignment with Bappenas Prof. Suyono was responsible for oversighting of the policy direction and budget allocation for regional development, especially on regional development strategy and policy and Specific Grant for Provincial and Kabupaten Roads. He then subsequently got new assignment to oversight the same portfolio in transportation sector, covering roads, ports, airports, and land transport facilities.


He is an Associate Professor at ITB. He obtained the degree of B.Sc. (Eng.) Civil from ITB, M.Sc.(Eng) Transport Planning & Engineering and Ph.D. from Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds, UK. In 2001 he was the Head of Transportation & Communication Research Center and in 2003 was the Director of R & D on Infrastructure and the Region in ITB. He is also an adviser and consultant to many public institutions and state-owned companies in Indonesia and also to ADB, INDII and the World Bank in the field related to Transport Planning and Policy. In 2008 to 2010 he was a technical member and resource person for Indonesia Railway Revitalization Team, under the Coordinating Ministry of Economic Affair, also a member of the National Research Council on Transportation in the Ministry of Research and Technology.

Now he serves as a member in the Committee for Investment and Business Risk of PT Jasa Marga (Persero) Tbk. (Indonesia Toll Road Corporation) and Professional Board of Indonesia Transport Society.



He graduated from Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) with a Bachelor’s Degree in Agronomy in 1982, and further received his Master’s Degree in City Planning from the University of Pennsylvania in 1989.

In 1983, he joined the Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) and in 2004, he was the Director of Investment Facility Services, then he proceeded to assume the directorship of other departments such as Planning and Information, Investment Deregulation, and Investment Planning for Agriculture and Other Natural Resources. He currently serves as the Deputy Chairman of Investment Planning of the Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board/ BKPM.




He obtained his law degree from the Law Faculty (S.H.), University of Indonesia in 1992, majoring in commercial law, and obtained a diploma engineering (Dipl. Eng), majoring in building construction from Polytechnic, University of Indonesia. He continued his Master’s Degree in Comparative Law (MCL) from the National University of Singapore (NUS) in 2000 under research scholarship program of NUS, just after obtaining his Master in Management (MM) in 1998 from the Asian Institute of Management in Manila. He is the author of a law book entitled “Indonesian Security Interests’.

To help expedite law reform in Indonesia, along with several senior lawyers, he established Yayasan Pengkajian Hukum Indonesia (YPHI) and currently acts as the Legal Research Director of the foundation. He has many years of PPP consultancy projects at Coordinating Ministry of Economic Affairs, Bappenas, and Committee for the Acceleration of Infrastructure Provision, funded by ADB, World Bank, in implementing public private partnership (PPP) to encourage private sector participation in infrastructure provision of Indonesia.

Currently he runs his own law firm, TESALONIKA & Partners in addition to providing law lectures at Universitas Indonesia, Post Graduate Civil Engineering Study, Infrastructure Management, Universitas Internasional Batam, Post Graduate Law Study. (email : tesalonika@cbn.net.id)



He graduated from Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) in 1980 and continued to Post Graduate Program, Robotics Research in a Japanese University.

He currently serves as the President of Powertel. Obtaining Mechanical Engineering background, he developed his career and held senior positions in several companies, namely United Tractors, Komatsu Indonesia, and Bukaka Group and also several positions in some business and industrial development. Chairman of Local Production Committee, Komatsu Indonesia Executive Member of Monitoring Team for Industrial Development Ministry of Industry General Co-Chairman of Power Plant Development Committee PT
Bukaka Teknik Utama. Executive Chairman of Indonesia Biomass Association (IBA) and Board of Directors of Indonesia Renewable Energy association (APETINDO). Beside his reputation and experiences, he is also active in Education and Social activities.


He has been active in infrastructure projects since his graduation from Civil Engineering Department of ITB (Indonesia, 1977). He started with on-site assignments at industrial estate development & road work projects for a major national construction firm. From 1981 onwards, he involved in several hydropower projects with international partners. After obtaining doctorate degree from Curtin University of Technology (Australia, 2005) he returned to ITB as a faculty member. Currently, he is a member of Dam Safety Commission under the Ministry of Public Work and an advisor to State-Owned Enterprise as well as Publicly Listed Company in infrastructure development.





She obtained her bachelor from Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) majoring in mapping and continued her master’s degree in The Netherlands and her doctoral degree in Canada as well as training in various countries. She has long experiences in the field of environment, especially marine environment. With work experiences of more than 30 years, she has credible experiences both as a lecturer and as a manager/director at several private companies. After leaving the world of private consultants, she affiliated with government agencies, and more than last 10 years engaged in Policy Analysis for various sectors, such as Marine, Energy, and Mineral Resources, Maritime Transportation, Tourism, and Environment. In her capacity as an expert in Indonesia Marine Board, she takes responsibilities for various policy studies and the establishment of policies and regulations in the maritime field that requires coordination and cooperation with other ministries, the legislatives ( DPR and DPD ) and other national institutions. In addition to her professional experiences, she is also active in various social organizations.



In 1969, He obtained his Doctoradus of Economics equal to Master from Gajah Mada University, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. In 1978, he obtained his master degree majoring Public Administration from Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York, USA.

  1. His current positions are Member of Sharia National Board, the Indonesia Council of Ulema.
  2. Member of Economy and Finance Agency, the Indonesia Council of Ulema.
  3. Member of Sharia Supervisory Board of PT. Bank Pembiayaan Rakyat Syariah Harta Insan Karimah Ciledug
  4. Chairman of Sharia Supervisory Board of PT. Bank Pembiayaan Rakyat Syariah Harta Insan Karimah Bekasi.
  5. Chairman of Sharia Supervisory Board of PT. Asuransi Bintang,
  6. Chairman of Sharia Supervisory Board of PT. Asuransi Manulife Indonesia
  7. Member of Sharia Supervisory Board of PT. Bank Danamon.
  8. Chairman of the Board of Commissioners, PT, Ahadnet International.
  9. Head of the Husnayain School of Islamic Economics.



He is trained as an Engineer with over 20 years of experience in Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) and Private Sector Participation (PSP) in the development of urban infrastructure and related facilities. He has a Master’s Degree in Public Administration (majoring in development studies) from the American University at Washington, D.C., and has designed and implemented numerous business development plans and training/capacity building programmes, both in Indonesia and overseas, for various Ministries as well as the National/Regional Development Planning Agencies (BAPPENAS/BAPPEDAs), and regional governments. Also, in his role as a Transaction Advisor , he has been asked to assist several private investors in setting up the most appropriate scheme of PPPs, to “breakthrough” the financing challenges being faced in the development of infrastructure in Indonesia. On the Local Government level, he has helped design and formulate the Master Plan for Regional Investment (Rencana Umum Penanaman Modal Daerah/RUPMD) and support capacity building of the Coordination Team for Regional PPP (Tim Koordinasi Kerja Sama Daerah/TKKSD) and the amangement of telecom towers in the City of Bekasi. He has also assisted the Directorate General of Highways (Bina Marga) in designing and formulating the most appropriate form of PPPs and Government Support in implementing the National Road Master Plan (NRMP), funded by AUSAID through the INDII project. Currently, he is working on the Management Consulting Services (MCS) for implementing PPP in the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) system for Jakarta , the Jakarta sewerage system, and property development of the Dukuh Atas Project in Jakarta, and the Review and Assessment of 127 projects funded by the Japan-ASEAN solidarity Fund (JASF).


He obtained his bachelor’s degree from Trisakti University majoring in electronic engineering and continued his post graduate program at Padjadjaran University.

He has over 28 years of work experiences at PT Kereta Api Indonesia with several positions such as Head of Long Term Planning. The first Head Division of Jabotabek commuter train, Director of Personnel and Generat PT Kereta Api Indonesia and Chief of PT Railink, a company that manages airport train. Currently, he actively becomes a lecturer at STMT Trisakti, Jakarta.






He graduated from Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) in 1982 majoring in civil engineering and continued his master degree at Sekolah Tinggi Manajemen IMMI majoring financial and business investment. In 1983 he obtained certificate of completion on courses on Construction Engineering from Japan International Cooperation Agency, Osaka and Tokyo, Japan.

Since his graduation, he has several professional experiences such as project staff for Directorate General Highway Dept of Public Works, Head of Projection Division, Project Manager, Branch Manager of Indonesian Highway Corporation, Project Manager in Charge / Deputy Project Manager, Project Management of Metro Manila Skyway,






He is currently a Deputy Director for Investment Development, Center for Investment Resource Development, Construction Development Agency, Ministry of Public Works and was appointed as member of Jasa Marga Audit Committee since 2011. His previous positions include Chief of Sub Division for Investment Implementation Control, Investment Division, Secretariat of Indonesian Toll Road Authority (BPJT), Ministry of Public Works (2005-2011).

Since 1997, he has been actively involved in numerous tender committees, working groups, projects, task forces, etc. of the Ministry of Public Works, among others, BPJT and Directorate General of Highways, as a member, counterpart, source person, etc. He received several awards, among others, Satya Lencana Karya Satya X Tahun from the Government (2008) and Singapore Cooperation Programme Training Awards (SCPTA) at Lee Kuan Yew of School of Public Policy and Civil Service College International, Singapore (2006)



He obtained his law degree from Universitas Indonesia majoring in commercial law in 2002. Between 2008 and 2012, he has been receiving awards for his written articles from PT. Kereta Api Indonesia, PT. Pelabuhan Indonesia II, PT. Jasa Marga Tbk, Mitra Dharma Utama from PT Dharma Lautan Utama , Aryadia Bakrieland Award . Currently, he is a journalist at KOMPAS daily newspaper with certain working and training experience specifically on PPP infrastructure Projects, by visiting overseas infrastructure projects, started from 2007.





ChairmanIr. Harun Al Rasyid Lubis, M.Sc., Ph.D.
Head of Research and ConsultationProf. Dr. Ir. Tresna P. Soemardi
Head of Public Relations (PR)Ir. Samuel Sibarani, IPM, M.M.
Head of Education and TrainingIr. Windu Hidranto Sudjono, MPA
Head of Dissemination and SocializationDr. Ir. Aries Feizal Firman
Head of Business DevelopmentBetha Almarsyah Djardjis, M.D.Eng
Deputy SecretaryAlfonsus Haryo Damardono, S.H.
TreasurerRidwan Ramli, S.E., Ak.
Deputy TreasurerTengku Tezar Trimansyah


Chairman of Board of SupervisorsProf. Ir. Suyono Dikun, M.Sc., Ph.D.
Members of Board of SupervisorsDr. Ir. Elly Rasdiani Sudibjo, M.Sc.
Jusuf Arbi, S.E., M.Sc.
Prof. Dr. Rizal Tamin
Ir. Samsul Hadi
Ir. Tamba Parulian Hutapea, MCP


Preparation Meeting for IPKC Establishment


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